Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Placeholder

Hey all!  Just moved yet again (back into the Drafty Attic), so the September issue of High Coup Journal won't be up at a prompt 12:00 AM... but it will be up on the 1st, probably in the evening.

Hope you enjoy (when it shows up)!


Monday, August 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - August 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Brian Barnett (Frankfort, KY)

Sara Bickley (West Carrollton, OH)

Samuel Franklin (Terre Haute, IN)

Annie Perconti (Louisville, KY)

Melissa Reddish (Salisbury, MD)

Morgan Shnier (Tuscon, AZ)

Adam Tetelman (Troy, NY)

Henry Visotski (Brooklyn, NY)


Editor's Note:

In a balance scale,
cries for heat and cries for snow
wobble to and fro.


Morgan Shnier

i set each alarm
five hundred thirty-five clocks
i'm still late for work


Adam Tetelman

All chaos breaks loose
Every man for himself
The network is down!

Certain doom awaits
This requires sacrifice
Send out the intern

A pair of black pants
A lecture at the chalkboard
A pair of white pants


Brian Barnett
Bela Lugosi
He does not
Make his a shot of morphine
Bela feels no pain
Zombie Apocalypse on Sesame Street
Burt in riot gear
Big Bird slain twice by head-shots
Elmo ate Grover


Annie Perconti

there is a moment
between inhale and exhale
where all my lies stop.

I already know
that the tongue cannot create
what I hold for you.


Melissa Reddish

He’s the kind of guy
who smirks when I eat a peach.
Yes, you know the one.
The rankest odor
on the face of this green earth:
A goddamn dog fart.


Henry Visotski
Scent of bleach and piss,
Sleeping bum, loud shrew with cell.
Wish I drove to work.
The neighbor’s poodle,
While neutered as a puppy,
Still molests my leg


Sara Bickley

Cappuccino and
cigarettes on the hottest
day so far this year.

Sunburn stops hurting
two days after you get back.
Then it starts peeling.

After this pack I
quit smoking.  I will have to
drink even faster.


Samuel Franklin

Summer Storm

Torrential rainfall-- 
helluva water balloon 
fight up in Heaven. 


August 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Sara Bickley

All the girls in their
summer dresses, showing off
their year-round tattoos.


Tryyyyyyy to remeeeeeember
a time in Septeeeeeember when
you sent in haiku!

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