We don't overthrow
the government while toking--
we publish haiku.

Editor in Chief: Caitlin Martin
Founding and Associate Editor: Mike Miller

CAITLIN MARTIN (Oxford, OH) holds a bachelor of science in English. She currently attends Miami University, where she works towards a master's degree in composition and rhetoric. Her other scholarly interests include representations of sexuality and gender, modern and postmodern literature, language use, and creative writing. She enjoys writing snarky haiku, as well as haiku about grammar and language. She hopes High Coup Journal can be a venue for other non-traditionalists to have their voices heard.

MIKE MILLER (Stockbridge, MA) is an MA graduate of Indiana State University's English-Writing program.  He works with a local community center to help provide anti-bullying education.  'Cause bullying isn't cool, mmmkay?  He's also the author of The Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference on Apocryphal Poetry, which is currently being cut up and published in sections at various journals, and Miller's New England Haiku Dictionary.  His works have been accepted for publication in The Shofar Literary Review, Eucalypt, Defenestration, The Ghazal PageFour and Twenty, Semaphore Magazine, Short Fast and Deadly, The Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review, and the Boston Literary Magazine.  His interests include cats (not dogs), pie (not cake), and horribly lengthy works of rhyming verse (basically the polar opposite of the noble haiku).