Sunday, December 25, 2011

High Coup Journal - December 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



S.M. Abeles (international man of mystery)

Maureen Kingston (Wayne, NB)

Rose Kowaliw (Swanzey, NH)

Leo Kulinski, Jr. (Litchfield, CT)

Darcy McMurtery (Seattle, WA)

Tom Rault (Laxviken, Sweden)

Taylor Smietanski  (Oxford, OH)

Henry Visotski (Brooklyn, NY)

Chuck Von Nordheim (Dayton, OH)


Editor's Note:

Winter and presents:
everything is late this year,
just like this issue.


Rose Kowaliw

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Trudging through the snow
Winds blowing, twenty below
Picked the closest tree


Taylor Smietanski

No Shave November
Is the way I like to roll
Time for a razor


Maureen Kingston

her Louboutin heels
at the New Year’s Eve party
ice pick his resolve
special of the day--
beef gravy over French fries
the truck stop madam


Henry Visotski 
Bare knuckle boxing:
Not good, particularly
When you’re uninsured


Chuck Von Nordheim 

brown leaf and green lawn
poke through the first snow’s white crust--
winter hesitates

peppermint slobber
makes your nephew’s face sticky--
merry Christmas hug

possible forms shapes all plans--
won’t go if it snows


Leo Kulinski, Jr.

Ducks are on the pond
Thoreau signals for the curve
Dice K. wheels, deals, strike


S.M. Abeles

Drinking in stillness
A cure for mental illness
Or the next best thing

For once it appears
it was the sun, not me, that
had one too many 


Darcy McMurtery

Home Depot

Waiting in line with
a shovel, rope, bag of lime.
I forgot my bag.

New Math

You call me "my one."
I know there are other girls.
Some things don't add up.

in the jury waiting room.
Where's my orange jump suit?


Tom Rault

As I lose my hair
my patience is growing thin       
in the barber shop.

It knows no malice,
it knows no pity either:
the crow wants to eat.


December 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: S.M. Abeles

That bastard autumn,
destroyer of low necklines,
slayer of bare legs


Next month, stay tuned for
experiments with Haikubes...
send in your stuff, too!

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