Tuesday, November 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - November 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Robin Burke (Terre Haute, IN)

Rose Kowaliw (Swanzey, NH)

Bob Lucky (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Dennis Maulsby (Ames, IA)

Tom Rault (Laxviken, Sweden)

Sherry Steiner (Housatonic, MA) 

Eli Van Sickel (Normal, IL)

Chuck Von Nordheim (Dayton, OH)

Anthony Ward (Durham, England)


Editor's Note:

Hear the powerless
crying out for warmth and aid
in Connecticut.


Robin Burke


colorful dead leaves
silently murder my grass
mulching makes me smile


Mrs. Copeland’s First Grade Class

We saw a turkey
so colorful and chunky
he was so funky

On a spooky night
I once saw a haunted house
I ran for my mom


Eli Van Sickel

I check my Facebook
to reassure myself of
my safety, I think


Bob Lucky

bad weather forecast
the morning newspaper lies
bleeding in the rain

Friday at the beach
the bikini-clad tourists
are the attraction

the TV blasting
both my parents sound asleep
in their new twin beds


Rose Kowaliw

Two Strikes...

Dinner was a bust
Forgot his wallet, again
No more web dating


Tom Rault 

This doormat will not
talk, otherwise it could tell
some dirty stories.


Chuck Von Nordheim

wind-blown leaves dance past
lawns decked with campaign slogans—
gray days and choices

fall sunlight tints days
amber as an old photo—
memories seem new


Sherry Steiner

a shocking secret
a forgiven yesterday
a silk robe nine bucks


Henry Visotski 

who owes favors where,
ass and elephant debate.
meanwhile, the sun sets


Dennis Maulsby

Arms and legs entwined.
Man♂…woman♀, so united,     
yet so far apart.

Shouting men place bets.
On a red dirt patch of ground
cricket sumos fight.


Anthony Ward


searching for myself
while finding my reflection
right where I left it


November 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Tom Rault

If I bump my head
once more on that attic beam
I will saw it off.


One upcoming month
to squeeze in more nasty storms
and nasty haiku.

highcoupjournal {at} gmail.com

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