Sunday, August 1, 2010

High Coup Journal - August 2010 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Joseph Carfagno (Fairfield, CT)

Andy Cognata (West Lafayette, IN)

Michael Frissore (Oro Valley, AZ)

Rosemary Foster (Bloomington, IN)

Amy Harris (West Lafayette, IN)

Kim Keith (Gold Canyon, AZ)

Lisa McClintock (Sheridan, WY)

Ray Scanlon (Rehoboth, MA)

Don Thackery (Dexter, MI)

Maggie Wheeler (Terre Haute, IN)


Editor’s Note:

Despite moving north,
August still feels hot as hell
in Grandma's attic.


Maggie Wheeler

Round Kick to the jaw
Crazy bitch knocked me out cold.
Concussions suck ass.

The cat stares at me
With fish running through his brain.
Duh, I just fed you!


Lisa McClintock

A message sent, not
really meant. Too late now for
feeble excuses.


Kim Keith

In Need of Salvation (and a Podiatrist)

My feet have callused
cracks, so I worry about
my immortal sole.

Taste Test

Murder on a bun
or bean-curd-veggie-burger?
The cows win—and lose.


Rosemary Foster

So friggin' tasty
Freshly slaughtered pineapple
Bleed into my mouth

Rain steaming concrete
Washing my dirty skin clean
Born again again

Shit closed captioning
How dare you crap out on me
My deaf ass needs you


Michael Frissore

Changing Diapers

The difference between
Comedy and tragedy?
Being peed on and...


Amy Harris

Gas stations pepper
A great divide too wide to
Conquer or enslave


Joseph Carfagno

Stalled in the hallway
Thinking my murderous thoughts
No weapon at hand

AM Consonance
Radio actor speaking
Tires or tooth repair


Don Thackery

conceive an image
write three lines to make haiku
trivial pursuit

spring rains make roots wake
birds return for the warmth’s sake
my dry old joints ache


Andy Cognata

Flordia is hot,
A grave for the unprepared.
Ice cream is God's love.


Ray Scanlon


Clothesline in March breeze,
cotton breathes wintry freshness.
Spider in my shorts.


August 2010 AWESOME SAUCE: Kim Keith


You ask for my name
as I call you Grandfather—
Alzheimer’s stole it.


Send in your haiku!
September is coming soon,
right along with school.

highcoupjournal {at}

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