Friday, October 1, 2010

High Coup Journal - October 2010 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Rosemary Foster (Bloomington, IN)

Michael Frissore (Oro Valley, AZ)

Amy Harris (West Lafayette, AZ)

Amanda Hillenburg (Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Kevin James (Terre Haute, IN)

Ethan Mandelkern (Mt. Shasta, CA)

Darcy McMurtery (Seattle, WA)

Christina Rodriguez (South Ozone Park, Queens, NY)


Editor's Note:

In just a few weeks
these leaves will become more red 
than my poetry.


Christina Rodriguez

puppy love, dear youth
lost in the shuffle of mort-
gages and children.

start off slow, they say.
take your time...time? when did time
give out luxuries?

Daddy, are you too
old for cupcakes and poems?
Too poor for Hallmark.


Ethan Mandelkern

wet peach tastes yummy
succulent soft beautiful
damn juice stained my shirt


Kevin James

words you never want to hear
at a porno set

boxes vibrating
turns out it wasn't sex toys
worst birthday ever


Rosemary Foster

Call him “she” again
And I’ll break your fucking face
Did you get that bitch?


Amanda Hillenburg

Laser gun bullets
Three shots missing the mallard
Want to kill that dog

God! It's full of stars!
My bad, it's just dust buildup.
Play that cartridge flute!


Amy Harris

Sweet Malaria
Fair maiden of the tropics
Once bitten, twice shy


Darcy McMurtery

A guarantee of
long-winded discussion: I’ve
Prepared a few words.

Keep your speeches short
We can still strangle you with
A wireless mic.

Around a board room table
Like oil and water.

A workplace romance
Will poison your well so please
Don’t shit where you eat.

Writer's Block

I can't pass a verb,
completely consonated,
must move a vowel. 


Michael Frissore

Haiku: True Story

This guy was pissed off
by my humorous haikus
Well, fuck you, buddy.


October 2010 AWESOME SAUCE: Christina Rodriguez

Hello denial...
Don't you look pretty today
in your coat of lies!


Tell the bogeyman
that you've sent in some haiku
or he will eat you.

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