Monday, November 1, 2010

High Coup Journal - November 2010 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Cal Clugston (Sydney, Australia)

Neil Ellman (Livingston, NJ)

Amanda Hillenburg (Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Dale Holdampf (Ann Arbor, MI)

David Hollander (Bloomington, IN)

Yume Kim (Woodbridge, VA)

Taylor Lampton (New Brunswick, NJ)

Jen Sicking (Terre Haute, IN)

Jacob Thomas (Terre Haute, IN)

David Tomaloff (Racine, WI)


Editor's Note:

November babies:
take your pick of scorpions
or centaurs with bows.


Jen Sicking

Green gecko wind surfs
Joyful lifted head on hood
‘til whoosh, death spirals by.


Neil Ellman

Party Time

A party's on in Hell
Sex and booze and rock'n'roll--
Death knows how to live.

Fried Food

Whichever came first
The chicken or the omelette
It tastes better fried.


David Tomaloff

Frog out in the pond
His boom-box ungodly loud
Really, Frog? Lil' Jon?


Cal Clugston

Indian summer
Retreats up a trail of tears
When the east wind blows


Jacob Thomas

Trundle-beds are strange
They nestle like Russian dolls
Sleeps like a coffin

Red and Stalwart Foe
I see thee taunting my bread
Toaster, be my bitch

Violets are not blue
They are purple you dumbass
Go learn your colors


Yume Kim

Ezra Pound really
liked Asian culture. Figures.
That guy is an ass.


Taylor Lampton

Dude, you have a cold.
Don't come to class. Sniffling
and snorting is gross.


Amanda Hillenburg

Serve up some crackers
With a side of grey matter
Zombies love snack time

Don't hog the mayo
The obese won't eat veggies
Without extra fat

Necktie or a noose?
Same thing but softer fabric
Just add a black hood


Dale Holdampf

Towel-toting man
Hitchhikes across the planets.
Oh, that Zarking Frood!

Excited dolphin
Flipping the fuck out of waves
Totally bitchin'


David Hollander

trying to study
but asphyxiating gas
pours from my rectum


November 2010 AWESOME SAUCE: Cal Clugston

Eat her like lettuce
Peeling away each layer
Of her sweet wetness


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  1. Hmm...

    Reading this issue, alongside the blog's dismissal of "Meditative haiku about nature," it's easy to see why "witty haiku" remains almost wholly absent in the literary world: poems in this vein tend to be more about showing how clever the writer can be, not about an exploration of form or content. I suppose "masturbatory" aptly describes the scraps posted on this blog.

    For most readers, witty haiku stands alongside limericks: occasionally funny, rarely worth a great deal of time.

    A funny Facebook status is rarely funny outside of Facebook.

  2. I don't know... I can see John Donne being a pretty avid Facebooker.