Wednesday, December 1, 2010

High Coup Journal - December 2010 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Al Fogel (Miami Beach, FL)

Edward Jones (Stevens Point, WI)

Maggie Lawson (Christchurch, NZ)

Ray Scanlon (Rehoboth, MA)

Mitzi Sicking (Midland, TX)

Annie Welch (Louisville, KY)

Henry Visotski (Brooklyn, NY)


Editor's Note:

Candles of romance
stuck in a hanukkiyah:
eight days long and hot.


Henry Visotski

In school I majored
In Liberal Arts. Dear Sir,
Can you spare a dime?


Maggie Lawson

cherry cheeks and prayers
painful hindsight swells beneath
in haemorrhoid hues


Al Fogel

doubting dyslexic
wondering whether or not
there might be a dog

host of fireflies
greeting guests at motel six:
"we'll leave the light on"

hanging upside down
girl in sexy shoes walks by
fall head over heels

practicing Yoga
for years standing on my head
now have shoe fetish
newlyweds board ship   
suckerfish attach to shark
whose the real sucker?


Mitzi Sicking
Achoo! Common colds
Settle into lungs, making
Killer pneumonia.


Edward Jones

looking to the sun
i bow, saying: here, look at
my balding head, please

there, in a back room
i find, among other things,
many, many things

in the silence, a sneeze--
startled looks, sneering faces
feelings of hate, anger

a box of kittens
thrown hard from a New York bridge--
single wasted box


Ray Scanlon

In the three decker,
rude neighbor may burn in hell:
he practices drums.


Annie Welch

I write to impress 
I am doing it right now 
do you feel special? 

she wears cracked earrings 
made of mirrors that hang low 
with no reflection 

You must be the one 
to change swords back to words. Start 
Erasing your lips. 


December 2010 AWESOME SAUCE: Annie Welch

She just found out that 
lies make her angry. Rotting 
words glazed with cherries


So the year's over,
but we are not (as of yet):
submit your haiku!

highcoupjournal {at}

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