Saturday, January 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - January 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Rosemary Foster (Bloomington, IN)

Edward Jones (Stevens Point, WI)

Julie Kelsey (Germantown, MD)

Hal O'Leary (Wheeling, WV)

Mitzi Sicking (Midland, TX)

Dariel Suarez (Miami, FL)

John Tustin (Flushing, NY)


Editor's Note:

To weight loss and to
for once in our silly lives
making new mistakes.


Mitzi Sicking

You failed your paper?
I cannot imagine why.
Oh deer, there, their, they're.


Hal O’Leary


 Let no man guess that
'neath this smiling face there lies
a forsaken man


 Truest love, a scarf
thrown loosely about the neck
but never stifling


Rosemary Foster

Write Haikus in math
Wonder why I got a C
No correlation…

Uh, linear algebra
Can I have some numbers please?
No! I changed my mind

My dearest Vista
Please go die now stupid whore
Facedesking for real

Asshole family
Hey! Merry fucking Christmas
Go fall off a cliff


John Tustin

I smoked the rose down
Until it became brittle
Until it was brown

Angels in my heart
Devils inhabit my soul
One guess who wins me

Naked in the snow
Numb and breathing hard and fast
It hurts like life does

You, like a painting.
I come up close. What colors!
What composition!


Dariel Suarez

I would rather have
the salmon’s courage than a
Taoist belief.


Julie Kelsey

this makeshift sofa
so soft and comfortable
my fat snoring dog

finally, coffee
my mug – now cold – upended
the toddler’s cry


Edward Jones

family photo
hangs perfectly straight, upright
right until I leave

in my rage, I toss
things indiscriminately -
yes, willy-nilly


January 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Dariel Suarez

Under the shade of
this tree, man will never find
enlightenment, just figs.


A resolution:
write a haiku every day
and send them to us!

highcoupjournal {at}

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