Saturday, October 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - October 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Art Bupkis (Gainesville, FL)

Courtney Davis (Freehold, NJ)

Amanda Hillenburg (Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Rose Kowaliw (Swanzey, NH)

Chuck Von Nordheim (Dayton, OH)

Annie Perconti (Louisville, KY)

Amelia Ritner (Hinsdale, MA)

John Tustin (New Hyde Park, NY)


Editor's Note:

Snow, a white pillow
waits to smother leaves as red
as an infant's cheeks.


Courtney Davis

It’s Rosh Hashana
wishing you a very sweet
and healthy new year


John Tustin

All your dark dark hair
On my pillow. Like curtains
Smothering sorrow
You packed up and left
Watching me disintegrate
And now I am dust

Fill my emptiness
With your liquid compassion
Flood me with your love

Your face in the sun
Your face in the light of moon
I will take them both


Art Bupkis

(Mr. Bupkis prefaced his submission with the following explanation: "Well, Yankees, you may be 'anal' about 5/7/5, citing 'English', but these ain't in English, they're in Cracker... Cracker is terse: 3/5/3.")

on that pine
that damn crow’s landed
cock the gun


Rose Kowaliw

 Worst Bridesmaid Gown

 Hot pink, puffy sleeves
with matching shoes in satin.
Big pink marshmallow.


Amanda Hillenburg


Protests nationwide?
But a celeb did something
Report that instead.

Children are starving
Who cares? Facebook changed my feed.
brb raging


Annie Perconti

Slipping hips into
belts hung low, laced with language 
she's ready to flow.

He's an eye-drifter--
Slipping low into places 
the world cannot know. 

Thoughts form like stitches.
The machinist of the mind
connects truth with lies.


Amelia Ritner

The cold morning air
Tea in hand, cat at my feet
The winter begins.


Chuck Von Nordheim

spectral fog shimmers
above lamp-lit wet blacktop--
autumn’s grey tint grows

helmeted ranks break
through butcher paper banners--
homecoming heralds

drive past corn stubble
see leaves rage yellow and red--
autumn’s last warm day


October 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: John Tustin

Like riding lightning
I love you differently
But I love you both


Best of luck to all
coming up with new ideas
for haiku and life.

highcoupjournal {at}

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  1. I especially like Von Nordheim's “heralds” and Perconti's “machinist.”

    MM, you include resplendrippingood photos for your covers!