Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Five Questions for a Writer/Comedian: Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is cooler than you, and you know it. Let's see what he has to say...

1. So I'm sure you get this a lot, but what was it like to be on the set of The Angry Beavers? (Great cartoon, by the way.)

Angry Beavers
A fine show that
I don't really remember

2. Apart from your other fame, you've become famous here in the High Coup Journal crowd for your "Haiku Songs." Can you explain the writing process?

Simple ideas in
concise sentences
A neat exercise, no?

3. People on your YouTube channel have made fun of you for not following the 5-7-5 structure line by line... have you told them to go fuck themselves because most modern haiku (other than at High Coup Journal, of course) don't give a shit about that structure, so long as the poem conveys the right attitude?

Morons try to destroy
what they cannot control.
They should get a life.

4. Perhaps the hardest question we've ever asked someone: what makes something funny?

Incongruous insanity meets order?
Fact is, nobody knows.

5. Where can we see you next?

If family, maybe tonight at dinner.
If not, good luck with that.

TOM WILSON is an artist of varied experience, with a long list of acting roles, live performances around the world, and painting exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at Nickelodeon world headquarters, as well as the Disney Gallery at DisneyLand. His short fiction has been published in many literary magazines, and he was anthologized in the book "Sacred Passages," published by Doubleday. He was recently seen in the film "The Informant," directed by Stephen Soderbergh, as well as "Big Love" on HBO.

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  1. Love it! (Hmm. I should
    Probably write this comment
    Like Tom's responses.)