Wednesday, September 1, 2010

High Coup Journal - September 2010 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Shana Dennis (Terre Haute, IN)

Amy Harris (West Lafayette, IN)

Amanda Hillenburg (Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Kevin James (Terre Haute, IN)

Julie Kelsey (Germantown, MD)

Vinnie Kinsella (Vancouver, WA)

Taylor Lampton (New Brunswick, NJ)

Mike Lushbaugh (Terre Haute, IN)

Nicole Reich (New Brunswick, NJ)

Ray Scanlon (Rehoboth, MA)

Richard Stevenson (Lethbridge, AB, Canada)

Maggie Wheeler (Terre Haute, IN)


Editor's Note:

Picking grapes is not
the romantic pastoral
task that poets claim.


Mike Lushbaugh

Summer is settled
Humid thunderstorms all day
swamp ass forever


Ray Scanlon

"Cheer up, cheerily,"
exclaim the robins at dawn.
Goddamn fucking birds.


Kevin James

The sparkling bowl
never stays that way for long
after the kegger

Dancing Fool enters
does The Worm down the aisle
your wedding's ruined


Maggie Wheeler

Cat in a trash bin
Woman won't give a reason
Throw her in instead!


(These next two haiku
are inspired by a hate
of FOX host Glenn Beck.)

Shana Dennis

Little man spreads hate
Dances for the camera
Dance, attention whore!

Amanda Hillenburg

Fat guy on TV
Claims to be true blue Mormon
Did it to get laid

(Read a ton more poems like these at


Amy Harris

Cerebral Palsy?
More like a sorry excuse
For shaking all day.


Taylor Lampton

I am in heaven.
spirals, rubbers, and stick-ons--
school supply shopping!


Nicole Reich and Taylor Lampton


Splendid are the curls
Of the crunchy snack-time munch
Bathed in orange dust


Richard Stevenson

in extended care
my dad zones out mid-sentence.
a hummingbird hovers


Vinnie Kinsella

Limp and impotent,
The power cord came unplugged--
Too short to connect.


Julie Kelsey


racing down the stairs
greeted by the waiting arms
of your sweaty shirts


idiblockon, noun:
idiot – blockhead – moron
a poet is born


under a blanket
curled on the sofa with you,
my friend, Nick-at-Nite


under a full moon
we kiss at midnight, yearning
for ibuprofen


September 2010 AWESOME SAUCE: Vinnie Kinsella

Two lines, one corner:
Basic trigonometry.
You and I converge.


Please send us more 'ku!
We will spend all October
scaring poems up.

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