Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - February 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Sara Bickley (West Carrollton, OH)

Salvatore Buttaci (Princeton, WV)

Rosemary Foster (Bloomington, IN)

Antoine Hayes (Baltimore, MD)

Amanda Hillenburg (Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Megan Milligan (Las Vegas, NV)

Matt Tuckey (Manchester, England)


Editor's Note:

Love is in the air.
That's right, airborne-- shit got real.
Call the CDC.


Matt Tuckey

Silent Treatment

What is she thinking?
Her silence speaking volumes
How have I fucked up?


Hyenas scrounging,
Like ruthless, gathering flies
On rotting gazelle

All I Am

I am just a man
With a disability
I’m not a genius


Salvatore Buttaci

married but at war,
once a year they declare a
valentine's day truce
 you promised me love
would mend my heart, but I was
treated and released


Rosemary Foster

Dearest professor--
I hope that's chalk on your crotch.
You're super creepy.


Sara Bickley

Psalm thirty-nine, verse
eleven (or thirty-eight,
twelve) — two translations:

God is a clothes moth,
ravenous for wool; our lambs
are resacrificed.

God is a spider,
sucking back our gossamer,
spinning in reverse.


Amanda Hillenburg

Single white preacher
Loves long walks by the fountain
Sluts need not apply

Show me your glory
And by that I mean titties
Care for my number?


Antoine Hayes


I lack nothing, but
The ability to know
What I am lacking.

*from Hayes's 100+1 Haiku

Megan Milligan

Freddie Mercury Haiku

Freddie Mercury
Overbite larger than life
Like his vocal chords.

Roadkill Haiku

Little dots of fur 
The side of the road littered 
With bunny pancakes

A Cold Haiku

Cold November wind 
Caresses my body like 
A rough lover 
Whispering tender 
Terms of endearment in 
My frostbitten ears.


February 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Matt Tuckey

The Gale

Hard wind bends the tree
Old man stoops, grips walking stick, 
Standing, defiant.


Though we love you all,
we would love you even more
if you would put out.

highcoupjournal {at} gmail.com

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