Tuesday, March 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - March 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Dominique Allen (Terre Haute, IN)

William Cullen (Brooklyn, NY)

Christopher Dolle (Terre Haute, IN)

Bat-Ami Gordon (Antelope Valley, CA)

Amy Harris (West Lafayette, IN)

David Hollander (Bloomington, IN)

Chris Loft (Adelaide, Australia)

Jamie Lushbaugh (Terre Haute, IN)

Darcy McMurtery (Seattle, WA)

E. Joyce Moore (Indianapolis, IN)

Aaron Owens (Terre Haute, IN)


Editor's Note:

Well folks, this issue
will be just a little weird...
please read why below:

I didn't set out to make High Coup Journal a political journal, but in the recent Twitter-storm of #libya and #egypt tags, I couldn't help but notice that some of them were in haiku form.  One might suggest that haiku isn't the most efficient way to share information about important breaking events, but one also might suggest that it is the best way to pack the most emotion into the fewest characters.  So we've tried to share some of those haiku in this issue along with preserving the merry whimsical madness we pride ourselves on here at the journal.

To those of you in North Africa: let us know if there's anything we can do to help.


William Cullen

her yellow panties
on the tequila bottle
today's mardi gras


David Hollander

let us hope for peace
as our Arab cousins pay
freedom's bloody price


Jamie Lushbaugh

I blush at his touch,
which is awkward when married.
I still feel sixteen.

Daddy ignored you?
Live up to his standards, be
An asshole magnet.


E. Joyce Moore

Dashed upon the shore of life
Riptide's waves its fate.


Darcy McMurtery

The mirror speaks truth
and I reach for my eye cream.
Outside the crow laughs.

Lady Friends

When Grandpa started
banging floozies we didn’t
know what to call them.


Amy Harris

good fences make good neighbors
on the Rio Grande

Insomnia calls
every night, 2 a. m.
when the moon is bright


Aaron Owens

Tso Very Tasty

Oh, General Tso!
Your noodles cut through my gut
Like a katana


Dominique Allen

My future is writ
Upon quick-drying cement
Where's my jack hammer?

White frozen crystals
cake my car in icy sheets
Fuck you, troposphere.


Chris Loft

Just one step away -
his supporters fade like dust -
wind blows in the sand

Rulers come and go - 
but in the markets and squares - 
people shall be free 

That man must go now - 
if he says he has no shoes - 
then he can have mine 


Bat-Ami Gordon

this revolution
inspirational model
scares authorities

contagious revolution
contaminated regime


March 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Christopher Dolle

Snowflakes fuck and grow
Outside apartment windows,
While we lay in bed.


Lion or a lamb?
Hell if we know.  Send in your
poems regardless.

highcoupjournal {at} gmail.com

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