Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Word Order LAUNCH

Today High Coup Journal announces one of our most exciting projects, in collaboration with Drafty Attic Press.  (Don't make that out as being too big a thing-- they're both me, Mike Miller, the editor.)

We've decided we're tired of chapbook contests that charge entry fees, so we're launching our very own chapbook contest.  No fees, none of that "print-on-demand" baloney.  You win and we design and publish your chapbook.  Then we'll ship you 25 copies to send off to reviewers and place in your local bookstores while we provide an online bookstore through which you can sell the rest.

Now let's get one thing straight: donating doesn't have any impact on your chances of winning the contest.  No donation is necessary to participate and/or win, and sending us money doesn't raise your chances of being chosen.  We'll have an outside judge, Darla Crist, making all the decisions here. 

Let's get another thing straight: your submissions don't have to all be in haiku form.  That's fine if you want to, but we're looking for the best possible poetry, period.  We just want to publish a chapbook for an up-and-coming poet.

So how can you help us out the most, at this point?  Awareness.  Post a link to our Kickstarter page on Facebook, the shorter link on Twitter, tell your rich aunts and uncles... whatever you can do.  We want to make this effort a success, and we need your help to do it.

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