Friday, April 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - April 2011 Issue

(Photo actually NOT by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN.  This is an anonymous photo.)



Salvatore Buttaci (Princeton, WV)

Tom Carbaugh (Plymouth, IN)

Sarah Dubinsky (Dunellen, NJ )

Samuel Franklin (Terre Haute, IN)

Rick Hartwell (Moreno Valley, California)

Kevin James (Terre Haute, IN)

Edward Jones (Stevens Point, WI)

Hal O’Leary (Wheeling, WV)

Mitzi Sicking (Midland, TX)

Jari Thymian (Aurora, CO)

Henry Visotski (Brooklyn, NY)


Editor's Note:

SPAM: discovered love,
just like bad haiku, I think.
So sweet, so salty.

People might make fun of SPAM for being gross or slimy or covered in "spucus" (the fat that congeals at the top of a can that's so akin to mucus), but what has been enlightening about this contest is the fact that we've gotten some Hawaiians and WWII veterans who really stood up and said, Hey, SPAM is a food we like.  As with anything (apart from haiku), we recommend SPAM in moderation.  But just as they say "there are no atheists in foxholes," we suspect there are few vegans.

EDIT: Strike that.  One of our veteran poets confirmed that he is now a vegetarian.  Twelve years in the SPAM-a-lot army may have done that to him.  And as for the contest, one good sport mentioned, "Although I am sad to not have won the grand prize, I can console myself with the fact that the grand prize was SPAM."  Thank you all for submitting!


Tom Carbaugh

It isn't Kosher,
but it's got the sodium
that your body needs.


Sarah Dubinsky

How SPAM-alicious
The can's rendering of you
All pig and all parts


Samuel Franklin 

Sacrificial SPAM

Flesh-cube, poor piglets
were spiced and mashed to make you. 
Thanks, piggy martyrs.

Best Sex Ever

Pink ‘neath her panties
reeked of slimy SPAM. Greasy
screw, lunch is on you.   


Edward Jones

 SPAM is like pussy:
more time's spent getting it out
than in eating it

SPAM is like pussy:
more men have died eating it
than have needed to


Salvatore Buttaci

mostly pork shoulder
chopped in a glaze of aspic
sandwiched in white bread

a simple wedding--
they toast with empty glasses
and dine on hot SPAM


Mitzi Sicking


Fry it up and slide
Between two white bread slices.
Slap your mama good.


Henry Visotski

Hey kids, daddy's home!
Delicious SPAM for dinner.
Now we feast like kings.


Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

On a post-war Earth--
nuclear fallout; SPAM mutates;
it becomes sentient.


Kevin James

The Hawaiian steak
Should be something tropical
Not spiced shoulder meat

Here! Salty war meat!
It’s great food for the road and
Helps fight the Nazis!

Hal O’Leary


Warmth in a frozen
fox-hole, comfort surrounds us
my K-ration spam.


Rick Hartwell

Hawaiian delight
meaty subversive mixture
canned fat concoction

Ks Cs MREs
60 years Spam goes to war
move pork futures up


April 2011 AWESOME SAUCE and SPAM-KU SPECIAL winner: Jari Thymian

my grandma’s love-wich
homemade bread with pan-fried Spam
died, gone to heaven


Look for SPAM all month,
and then we'll never again
tackle this topic.

highcoupjournal {at}

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