Sunday, May 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - May 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Sara Bickley (West Carrollton, OH)

Salvatore Buttaci (Princeton, WV)

Samuel Franklin (Terre Haute, IN)

Rick Hartwell (Moreno Valley, CA)

Danielle Johnson (Clemente, CA)

Lex Joy (Durham, NH)

Taylor Lampton (New Brunswick, NJ)

Lauren McBride (Houston, TX)

Stephen Miller (Stockbridge, MA)  

Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory (Jersey City, NJ)

Robert Petras (Toronto, OH)

John Tustin (Flushing, NY)

Annie Welch (Louisville, KY)


Editor's Note:

May, I ask you this:
where do you store all the joy
winter hid away?


Sara Bickley

Standing humming hymns
outside the confessional
with the leaky door.

Dropped my cigarette.
Is it clean enough to smoke,
or does it matter?


John Tustin

You still live with him
And I still sleep next to her
Good thing I’m patient


Lex Joy

Thesis proposal.
 Which work of literature
 will I learn to hate?


Taylor Lampton

The Undergrad Thesis Shuffle 

Reading. Reading. Notes.
Hypothesis? Nope! Again!
Reading. Reading. Notes.


Stephen Miller

You have enemies?
We can address that problem...
Nukes cure lots of things!


Salvatore Buttaci

in this tight economy
can be stifling

old man knitting brows,
lean on your question-mark cane.
Life’s a mystery.


Danielle Johnson

Stuffed Toy Cemetery

Seams busted open
Gloomy pile of marred plush toys
Tobin chews and chews


Robert E. Petras

from "Redneck Haiku"

Second amendment
Tree-hugging sums-a-bitches
Mullet with crosshairs.


Annie Welch

Bourbon Haiku

The coming of fall
whispered in mid August as
corn turns to liquor

When I feel too seen
I can write in third person
as she finds shelter


Lauren McBride

homo sapiens
are LGBT labels
so damned important?


Samuel Franklin

3:30 a.m.

Early morning Haute 
with sleepless, stupid deskjob--
you may kiss my ass.  

This is important

My fecal matter 
matters a lot--but the smell
kills my gray matter.


Rick Hartwell

good haiku is like
tasty tidbits offered up
inviting your dreams


May 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory 

Judy Blume

Are you there, God? It's
me, Adam-- Margaret got
knocked up.  What's cracking?


Now that spring has sprung,
those haiku that spring to mind
should be sprung to us!

highcoupjournal {at}

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