Wednesday, June 1, 2011

High Coup Journal - June 2011 Issue

(Photo by Ann Wright, Plymouth, IN)



Ian Chung (Leamington Spa, England)

Temple Cone (Annapolis, MD)

Sam Franklin (Terre Haute, IN)

Michael Morris (Royse City, Texas)

Mark Skrzypczak (Jersey City, NJ)

John Tustin (Flushing, NY)

Henry Visotski (Brooklyn, NY)


Editor’s Note:

Missing the wedding,
we blasted the car speakers:
“No Woman, No Cry.”


Mark Skrzypczak

Your entire life
Is the creative process
Open your damn eyes


John Tustin 

Cooking up something
To fill and satisfy me
The recipe – you
Waiting for the words
My ideas like carrion
The buzzards circle dolefully


Ian Chung

his belly flattens
ridges carved out for someone
other than yourself

napkin in his car
sticky with her red lipstick
and his betrayal


Sam Franklin


Iscariot kissed 
a man for money--he was 
a prostitute, yeah?  


Temple Cone 
Dualist, monist,
we’re all alike under these clothes--
lean, tired, scared shitless.
You mastered walking
as an infant and forgot
each step thereafter.


Henry Visotski 

The Death of the (Other) American Dream

Faded cowboy boots
ancient Chevy, never used
covered, rusty gray

want to trust the myth
old weird America is
a gas tank away

road trip in the sun
will the waitress call me “hon”
out where cowboys ride?

so far all I see
is Starbucks and Applebee's
flanking either side

no Nelson or Cash
radio plays same old trash
Gaga, Nickelback

someone swiped away
the myth, the sweet old cliché
somewhere we lost track

inner city bound
nothing gained, we turned around
home with empty hands

mission was a bust
ancient Chevy gathers dust
think I’ll let it stand.


June 2011 AWESOME SAUCE: Michael Morris

A white seagull floats
above the turbulent waves
of the parking lot.


School's out for summer;
haiku school has just begun
in each sprig of grass!

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