Saturday, June 25, 2011

Looking Forward, Looking Inward: Volume 2

As we prepare to begin our second year of publication, High Coup Journal would like to take a new direction with its "Five Questions" interviews.  For a year we have brought you interviews with haiku-friendly editors and members of a slew of other professions outside our own community, trying to forge connections between this journal and the community at large.

This year, we'd like to try something different: while we'll still be featuring editor interviews from time to time, we're going to make our main focus catching back up with some of our previous authors and seeing what they're doing these days.  We are a community, and we want our community's own voices to be highlighted now.

So be checking your e-mails shortly!  We're going to start assembling a list of people who might like to be interviewed very soon.

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  1. Hi folks, just discovered you via Joan's interview and enjoying a browse. just to say, my blog Miriam's well is ALWAYS looking to publish haiku and Japanese forms.
    Miriam Sagan